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Graphic Design

Set your business up for success with bold graphic designs.



Capture important moments and treasure them for a lifetime.

Art and Painting

Art and Painting

Commission fine art from an artist with decades of experience.



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Art for the Modern World

Partner with a skilled artist for graphics, photos and paintings

What do a brand logo, a photographic portrait and a landscape painting have in common? They're all works of art. Teeter on the Edge is the company founded by Kevin Teeter, a Charlotte, NC-based graphic designer, photographer and oil painter.

Kevin studied graphic design and illustration at the Pratt Institute, and has spent years developing his photography and painting styles. Now, he's offering his talents to businesses, collectors and art lovers across the greater Charlotte area.

Call 570-262-6669 or contact us via our website to commission artwork.

Explore our range of services

Do you need a new logo for your brand? Are you looking for a professional wedding photographer? Or maybe you're a connoisseur of fine art. Teeter on the Edge can supply you with...

  • Logo designs
  • Promotional graphic designs
  • Portrait photography
  • Event photography
  • Oil paintings
  • Digital art

We'll take the time to get to know you, understand your needs and channel your vision into a commissioned work.

Why invest in an oil painting?

Oil painting is a skill that's been valued throughout history. This artistic medium has depicted famous rulers, important historical events and subjects of great beauty. But why should you commission an oil painting of your own? Consider that:


A painting's value can appreciate over time


An oil portrait can strengthen your family bonds


Paintings are often passed down as heirlooms

Commissioning a painting is a unique way to blend investing with artistic expression. Reach out today to discuss your ideas for an oil or watercolor painting with an experienced artist.